At Ennisance we offer unique, distinctive and luxurious home decor. Historic handicrafts are our speciality and creating bespoke interiors our passion, whether it is Art Deco, Art Nouveau or Chinoiserie. Distinctive handicrafts items add soul into any space, be it old or modern.

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A truly spectacular example of a Swedish Flemish Weave in all it’s glory! Beautiful bright color combination of fuchsia pink, yellow, forest and pastel greens blue and orange.  This pattern is originally from the late 1700’s. According to oral tradition, the swan was transformed into a goose, the holy bird of Scania. Originally a riding pad. Woven circa 1930.

Signature “SS”.

This product is historical and unique. There’s only one of each kind.

The back is made of wool.

Size 58 x 100 cm.