At Ennisance we offer unique, distinctive and luxurious home decor. Historic handicrafts are our speciality and creating bespoke interiors our passion, whether it is Art Deco, Art Nouveau or Chinoiserie. Distinctive handicrafts items add soul into any space, be it old or modern.



Our Scania Weave Pillows are all exquisite pieces of art, all unique, all in mint condition, many of them dating more than a century back.


A Unique Collection of Swedish Flemish Weave Pillows in Flawless Condition

Scania weave, or Flamskvävnad as we say in Sweden, is an ancient Swedish weaving tradition that is based on the French “Gobelin” technique. The tradition started in the Royal Castles of Sweden and spread out to the manor houses in the Scanian countryside in the late 18th century. These textiles were often woven to become wedding gifts and tell therefore wonderful stories about Swedish history. Our collection of these rare textiles is probably one of the largest existing. We hope they will bring joy and happiness into your home in the same way they have brought joy to homes for generations before

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