At Ennisance we offer unique, distinctive and luxurious home decor. Historic handicrafts are our speciality and creating bespoke interiors our passion, whether it is Art Deco, Art Nouveau or Chinoiserie. Distinctive handicrafts items add soul into any space, be it old or modern.

Our bespoke collections

It is a very special feeling when you find art that really speaks to you. The first time it happened to me was during a guided tour to a Bavarian castle in Germany a couple of decades ago when I saw a centuries old chinoiserie wallpaper with a beautiful patina and vibrant colors covering the walls of the castle’s drawing room. I recall the glimmering golden details in the early rays of daylight, rambling roses and butterflies and exotic birds in the sky. I felt touched.  The sight ewoked so many thoughts in me.

Years later, I had never stopped dreaming about this magical place.  I have strongly come to believe that we all need art in our lives. The closer we find it, the better. And a little bit of sparkle and shine certainly doesn’t make it worse. In interiors, art is necessary in order to create a personality, a soul, whereas a little bit of sparkle creates an illusion of space and liveliness. It is fun but still classy. The combination is often invigorating. This is why I like to use metallics and embroidery in our wallcoverings and textiles.

Seeing our handpainted wallpapers today, I cannot believe how beautiful they are. All the wallpapers are handpainted on pure silk or on gilded paper. Our artists and artisans are experts of creating the most beautiful details whether it is handpainted or emboidered. The designs are extremely versatile and well fitted in various different design settings whether the space is an art nouveau or a modern minimalistic one.

Sormland Collection

The Orchard

Orchard is an interpretation of my one century old apple and pear trees in my countryside home in Sormland. The design is 18 meters long, 2,5 meters high in it’s standard arrangement. It is painted on either silk dupioni or gilded paper background. It is possible to choose handembroiderd elements for the the silk versions.

We have created two different versions of the Orchard design. One is in which the trees stand separated from each other and they stand freely in each panel. This design is suitabled for framed panels and also when placing an order according to Fast Method. The elevation is less challenging as only the ground part requires pattern fitting with the next panel, when mounted together. The second option is a design in which the branches reach across the panels. In this design version where the branches move across the panels can be experienced more dynamic when mounted on a wall. In either of the versions, we recommend mounting by an experienced specialist.

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Choose a Design

Choose your desired design from our collection or let us create an entirely new custom design. We are happy to assist you no matter how advanced your wishes are. You can choose to have a handpainted wallpaper or add handembroidered details on parts of the wallpaper or cover the whole wallpaper with handembroidered elements. We are also happy to customize your wallpaper with family related symbols, like your family heraldry.

Choose a Design Height

Plan the height at which the design will end on the wall. We are always available to offer advice on aspects such as how to make the design fit the space. Our designs are available in any pattern height between ca 150 cm and 350cm. Heights outside of this range are possible as custom orders at an additional charge.

The Orchad design comes in two different variations. One in which the trees are standing freely in each panel, the other in which the branches move across the panels. We are happy to assist you in choosing the design that is optimally fitted to your space.

The Starling design is tremendeously versatile and well fitted to both rooms with high ceilings and rooms that have low ceiling height. By simply adding unpainted silk below where the design starts, you are able create an illusion of the gracefully synchronized murmuration dance of these majestic birds. When the ceiling height is low, you simply choose to start the design from a lover height.

Choose a Background Material & Color

Choose a background colour from the options shown on the website. We are happy to discuss the benefits of each and assist in choosing the appropriate one for each particular project. Custom colours are available at an additional charge. Please note that choosing a custom colorway will add 8 weeks to the lead time.

Choose the Design Material

In each design there is one standard palette of colours. Following the standard colourway illustrations Ennisance offer a selection of finest custom handembroidery which are available to order for an upcharge.

Calculate the quantity required

When it comes to succeeding in the outlay of handpainted wallpapers, measuring the walls is a critical moment.

Either of the following methods can be used: Bespoke Method and the Fast Method.

Bespoke Method

In this Ennisance adapts the chosen design to suit the client’s space and manufactures a mixture of standard and bespoke-sized panels to fit the room. This is planned by way of scale elevational drawings of the room showing the adapted design and panel-join layout. It requires that client first supplies accurate elevations and floor plans upon receipt of which Ennisance will calculate the total panel requirement. In order to creating an optimal effect and best fit to the space, please contact Ennisance for assistance.

  1. Client supplies drawings and detailed measurements of the room
  2. The design height will be adjusted to fit the ceiling height
  3. The height of the grass ground will be adjusted to fit the room
  4. The favoured sections of the design will be placed in the room according to the client’s wishes
  5. Manufacturing sample panels when ordering custom colorways

The Fast Method

The Fast Method is a simple straight run of design panels a little bit taller and wider than the space allows. The wallpaper is then cut on site to by the installer. To calculate the panel requirement the total width of area to cover is measured including any over-door or window surround areas. The total is divided by the width of a standard panel (90 cm) and rounded up to the nearest whole number to give the minimum number of panels to order. Off-cuts or plain sky panels can sometimes be used to paper over-door or over-window areas where these are slight.


Comparison of Methods

The Fast method must be used when ordering panels for a quick delivery. When used to order panels the process to placement of the order has fewer stages than custom orders making it noticeably faster overall. However, there can be considerable wastage during installation and only limited arrangement of the pattern for best effect is possible.

The Bespoke method requires the client to supply more accurate measurements and its additional charges make the cost higher although the low wastage makes the overall cost comparable to the Fast Method. The average lead time of a Bespoke project is longer but the pre-determined design placement make installation more straightforward and the customisation of the design to clients’ specifications makes each room more unique so it is the more usual method followed.

Place your Order

Contact Ennisance to place your order.

Ennisance will supply a quote, after which you will be asked to pay a 50% deposit then to sign and return an order acknowledgement confirming all the details of the product you have chosen at which point your order will be put into production. Tailored order clients will receive a scale set of elevations of their room showing the design layout to check and if any customisation has been undertaken a large sample section of the design will be made for approval prior to production. Average lead times are approximately 16 weeks from Ennisance’s receipt of drawings and sample approval.


Are you an interior architect or interior designer and interested in a go through of our products? We’d be delighted to meet and let you know you about our designs and guide you through the technical specifications of the wallpapers. We are also happy to deliver product swatches and introduce ideas to your next project. 


The Starling

Starling is the majestic bird known for their gracefully synchronized aerial murmuration dances. It is a common sight in the Nordic countryside in the late fall and early spring. It is a stunningly beautiful bird. The design is painted on silk dupioni or plain silk. I wanted to emphasize the beauty of the Starling by mixing the watercolored elements with skillful handembroidery. We have silk thread stitching, metallic silk details as well as tiny glas pearls that make the bird look as if it shimmers and sparkles when the light reflects on it. Pretty much just like in real life.

Starling comes in three different colorways; Sepia dupioni silk; Dusty Pink dupioni silk; Champagne plain silk. Add hand embroidered elements for even more vibrant effect.

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The History of Chinoiserie Wallpapers

The first Chinese wallpapers appeared for sale in Europe in the late 17th century. These hand-painted papers, and the chinoiserie decorative styles they inspired, sparked a fashion that lasted for centuries. (Source: Victoria and Albert Museum

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