At Ennisance we offer unique, distinctive and luxurious home decor. Historic handicrafts are our speciality and creating bespoke interiors our passion, whether it is Art Deco, Art Nouveau or Chinoiserie. Distinctive handicrafts items add soul into any space, be it old or modern.

SÖrmland collection


An Ode to Mr. Austin evokes the image of my beloved pergola nestled in the Swedish countryside, adorned with roses “Gertrude Jekyll,” “The Pilgrim,” “New Dawn,” and “Flammentanz”.

An Ode to Mr. Austin – A Dream of the Perfect Rose Trellis

My rose trellis holds a special place in my heart within my garden. Living in the Nordics, winters bring a sense of unease, as harsh winds and temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius in the Lake Mälaren valley pose a threat to my ambitious collection of English climbing roses. “An Ode to Mr. Austin” represents both a dream and a practical reflection of the ideal rose trellis, acknowledging the continuous nature of gardening and finding beauty in imperfection. This design is a token of humble appreciation to the late David Austin, who gifted the world with some of the most exquisite roses adorning our gardens today. It also serves as a poignant reminder that even amidst the splendor of the most meticulously kept gardens, dandelions and weeds still persist…

An Ode to Mr. Austin is painted either on silk dupioni or plain silk. Right now it comes in two colorways: “Gold”, painted on gilded paper and “Aqua”, painted on doupion silk.

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