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Antique Scania Weave Pillow “The Pardon”

Antique Pillows


The earliest compositions of Angel Gabriel together with Mary can be found in the Danish bible from early 1600’s. Scania was then part of Denmark. The original was woven in 1750. Ours is from 1940. Beautiful pastel colors on black backgound.

Material 100 % wool. The back is made of a silky cotton velvet by a Venetian silk weaving company, Fortuny.

Size 57 x 64 cm

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Scania weave, (Swe: Flamskvävnad) is an old Swedish weaving tradition, that has it’s origins in the French Gobelin weaving technique. The technique spread out from the Royal castles of Sweden to the Scanian countryside in the end of 18th century. The small textile panels were mostly made for wedding ceremonies, when extensive dowries were created for the bride-to-be, ensuring a continuity of the family traditions from generation to generation.

The Scania weave textiles in our collection come from different areas in Southern Sweden. They are all unique pieces of art, all in vibrant colors, many of them over 100 years old. The textiles have been carefully reworked into cushions, using high quality wools and velvets to accompany the delicate textiles.