Summer in the Nordic

Nordic summers are filled with an abundance, of light, flowers and nature’s mysteries.

Our country house is in a fairly mild region in Sweden where the summer lasts a bit longer, and the winter is milder than much of the country. 

Every spring, our 600 years old oak tree, as well as the Apple and Pear varietals, start to bud just as I am planting the flowers I will cut during the summer months for our dinner tables.

By the summertime, we are surrounded by gardens that explode with flowers, vegetables, fruit trees as well as the animals who love to come snack on all the “delicious “ offerings, including, unfortunately, my precious roses.

One of the most amazing bugs that makes an appearance each summer,is the Strimlus who can often be found buried in my hydrangea. Strimlus is the county insect for Sodermanland, where my home is located. They are only found on warm days in July when the sun beats down, and there are no clouds in the sky.

In thinking about what might best represent the elegance and tradition Ennisance represents, I decided on the durable Strimlus, a symbol of joy-filled summer days spent in abundant gardens.