At Ennisance we offer unique, distinctive and luxurious home decor. Historic handicrafts are our speciality and creating bespoke interiors our passion, whether it is Art Deco, Art Nouveau or Chinoiserie. Distinctive handicrafts items add soul into any space, be it old or modern.

Coffee Table “Fiorentino”

Outdoor furniture


Iron coffee table with Carrara marble or glas top. Galvanized and powder-coated to meet the challenges of the Nordic climate.

Handmade for Ennisance in Florence.

W: 120cm  H: 50cm  D: 60cm


Our beautiful wrought iron furniture is handmade in Tuscany and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They are galvanized in a high temperature and therefore suitable for using in the Nordic climate. All the furniture come with rubber cups for the legs and chairs with hand sewn cushions. They are upholstered with Sunbrella fabrics that are moisture, mildew and fade resistant and therefore highly durable.

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For a few years ago I was visiting one of my favourite cities on the Earth, Florence. It was early autumn, the sun was about to set and I was enjoying an aperitivo on an outdoor patio with a view over the Arno River and the famous old bridge, Ponte Vecchio. It was such a dreamy evening. The river was shining in golden and amber colors, Ponte Vecchio lit by soft street lights… The restaurant was so elegantly furnished, in such way that usually falls into my liking; with simple yet uncompromising elegance: White perfectly worn linen tablecloths, spotless silverware, shiny crystals and bougainvillea climbing on the pergola. What I didn’t realize that day was how big of an influence it would have on my future life. For example my rather hopeless attempts to get bougainvillea to grow in our hemisphere, the love for weathered linen tablecloths. I’m actually quite pleased of the fact that my 5-year old is asking for a linen napkin if it happens to be missing from the table setting. And not least the furniture that were wrought into perfection. I had rarely seen handmade furniture before that are as flawless and perfect in dimensions. Glad I took notes.

On the same trip I was visiting one of my favourite artists, the late Gianfranco Mello at his gallery and was given a private tour at Palazzo Pitti to see his painting at their fixed collection. But that’s another story…