Natures Gifts

Autumn is my favourite time of the year. The fog over the fields and the lake in the mornings; picking of the apples from my apple trees and birds escaping to the South and while others like the Starling, return home to the North. I love when the leaves gradually start revealing their bright reds, oranges and yellows. Happily the transitional period in Sweden, by the Mälaren lasts longer than in the Finnish Ostrobotnia where I was born. There, the red and yellow leaves disappear almost as soon as they arrive, welcoming in a swift change into the long winter months.

Upon traveling and returning home, I always feel deeply grateful for being born in the Nordics. There is something mystical about the natural environment here; the quiet, the freshness in the air and the deep and endless skies. The natural world feels like my most tangible influence.  I am as at one, with my childhood dreams of running through the flower fields, as with my years of training in the formalities and traditions of interior design. My esthetics are deeply influenced by the sublime and tradition.